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If you typically order in women's sizes, we recommend ordering two sizes smaller. 


The AF1Z is a full-body antimicrobial outerwear designed for the everyday. Whether you are traveling, visiting friends or going shopping you can feel more protected in this ever changing world. Antimicrobial, Washable, Comfortable and made of 100% plastic bottles. 

Carry tote included! 

FREE mask while supplies last! 

Customer Reviews

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Lee S Merrill
Great jumpsuits!

I wear my jumpsuits all the time, they are great to go shopping in because I suffer from a variety of health conditions including severe allergies and these jumpsuits are very easy to clean, even a simple wipe down with a damp cloth and air dry for 5 minutes and they are good to go again, also these are also good for wearing when working out as they help generate more body heat too.

These run a little big so I'd either get something true to your own size or maybe potentially go one size down.

Michelle Vezilj
One AF1Z Is Not Enough, You'll Want More!

I am so incredibly pleased with my Air Force One Z! Not only is it environmentally conscious but it is so comfy. I am hopping on a plane next week and couldn't do it without the AF1Z. During these challenging times, having this suit gives me peace of mind. It's very light weight and I feel like a ninja when I'm wearing it!

Susan Catullo
Awesome Product

Love this product. I recently took a trip and wore my AF1Z. I felt so secure. It is so comfortable to travel in. Keep making these. I’ll be wearing it on my next trip next month. Thank you

Mary Dever
Excellent products!

Received our own Air Force One Z on a recommendation from Viva Global Rescue and have been super pleased with the fit and high quality of materials used. I will tell everyone about this place as I’ve already gotten loads of comments. Thanks again for a great product! God bless! Mary Ann Dever, Belding, MI

Alexandra Cooper
Two Thumbs Up :)

I'm a photographer and I wear this cool jumper on all my photo shoots. It's so comfortable and easy to move around in and I feel extra protected during Covid. I love the eco-friendly element too! Well done!