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If you typically order in women's sizes, we recommend ordering two sizes smaller. 


The AF1Z is a full-body antimicrobial outerwear designed for the everyday. Whether you are traveling, visiting friends or going shopping you can feel more protected in this ever changing world. Antimicrobial, Washable, Comfortable and made of 100% plastic bottles. 

Carry tote included! 

FREE mask while supplies last! 

Customer Reviews

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Two Thumbs Up :)

I'm a photographer and I wear this cool jumper on all my photo shoots. It's so comfortable and easy to move around in and I feel extra protected during Covid. I love the eco-friendly element too! Well done!

So lightweight, breathable and Comfortable!

This jumpsuit is truly so comfortable, I wear it everywhere. I also love that it's made out of recycled plastic bottles!

Hugs for the holidays

My husband and I bought our AF1Z's when we flew West for the holidays this past season to visit family, it made us feel extra protected during the flight, and the material is super lightweight and so comfortable. But my favorite part was visiting my parents and aunts and uncles, I put on a freshly washed "supersuit", my mask and a shield and was able to give everyone big long hugs for the first time in months. You're making miracles in your shop, thank you:)

I wear it everyday when I go running!!! I love it!!!

I LOVE this jumpsuit. I call it my supersuit, I wear it as a jogging suit everyday on my run, it's cold and snowy right now where I live in Canada, and I just zip it up over my sweat pants and sweater and it keeps me warm and dry and it actually helps me to sweat more and help take off those extra winter pounds :) I also wore it on a flight over the holidays, I felt so comfortable and extra protected because of the antimicrobial fabric. Seriously, I love my AF1Z, it's super comfortable, light weight and looks great on! I can't say enough good things about this jumpsuit!