Our story

The idea for the AF1Z happened when I started looking for ways to better protect my mom; she had a heart transplant a few years ago and with COVID-19 she elevated to an even higher risk category, so being among people and trying to maintain some sort of normalcy became more difficult. 

So, how could we find ways (other than a hazmat suit) to make her feel more protected when she went to the pharmacy or grocery store or even on her daily walks… hence the AF1Z idea was born… on a jog, (most of my best ideas happen that way).I ran home that afternoon, faster than usual, to share the idea with my family, who thankfully absolutely loved it!  Together, we said let’s create something really special, something that can make everyone feel more protected when living their busy lives, something that is fun and comfortable, stylish, affordable and antimicrobial.  And let’s take it one step further and make sure our onesie is environmentally friendly; so we made it out of 100% recycled plastic bottles.  

We’ve had such a good time developing this product and coming up with creative ways to achieve all of our goals, we sincerely hope you enjoy wearing your AF1Z as much as we enjoyed making it! 
Caroline Zelder