Why wear protective outerwear if Covid-19 is primarily airborne particles?
Precisely because it is an airborne virus.  Medical experts still don’t know exactly how long the airborne particles of an infected sneeze or cough will remain on the surface of a waiting room or airport lounge chair.  So until they do, we’d prefer to wear our onesie and just toss it in the wash when we get home.

Is antimicrobial clothing FDA approved?
While antimicrobial fabrics are already touted in parts of Europe, with Covid-19’s sudden onslaught, the FDA has yet to perform its antimicrobial fabric efficacy trials on any product currently on the market, vital trials which contain three phases and aftermarket surveillance.  Until the FDA can conduct its trials sometime in the future, please use the AF1Z as we do: as an additional layer of defense, a removable outer layer to protect your clothes underneath to reduce the chance of cross contamination.  And always remember that according to the CDC, the most effective methods of protection are keeping a social distance, wearing face masks and washing hands frequently.

Is it washable? Yes, in cold water and just let it hang to dry, no dryer or irons,  as it is made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles, and we don’t want it to shrink for you.  

Is it antimicrobial? Yes, it is. Antimicrobial is defined as products that  destroy or slow the spread of microorganisms. Microorganisms include bacteria,  viruses, protozoans, and fungi such as mold and mildew. So you can have an  extra layer of protection when you wear your AF1Z. 

Is the AF1Z comfortable? Yes, very! It was important to us to not only make  a product that was functional for our family and customers, but we wanted to  make sure it was soft and comfortable, whether you wear it on a long flight, a  quick Uber or Lyft ride, grocery shopping, in the waiting room at your doctor’s  office or out for a run, (extra side benefit, I wear mine as a sweatsuit) our fabrics  are lightweight, breathable, soft and we think stylish. Please, let us know what  you think and where you like to wear your AF1Z. 

Does it have pockets? Yes, one on each side. 

Does it have wrist and ankle elastics? Yes, it sure does. 

What is your return policy? Because of COVID-19 we are not able to accept  returns, but if for some reason you got the wrong size or you’re not happy with  your AF1Z, please send us an email (wearairforceonez@gmail.com) and we will  definitely come up with a way to make sure you’re happy. We love our AF1Z and  we think you will too. 

What sizes do the AF1Z’s come in and is it unisex? Yes, we are  a unisex full-body onesie and we have sizes in XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL. We are a family run company and as we grow we will continue to offer more colors, styles and sizes. Kids sizes coming soon too!

Where can I wear it? We wear our AF1Z almost everywhere! Grocery shopping, to the doctor’s and dentist’s office, planes, trains and ubers, outdoor cafes, and any place where we want to feel an extra level of protection. It’s so lightweight and comfortable you can wear it anywhere.